SVBC-Savannah Costello-Caught in Self Bondage

15:21 video

This is another Girl Next Door Bondage Classice.  It features Savannah Costello.  Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. These videos are added bonus updates:

Savannah loves the feeling of being tied up and helpless. The only problem is, she doesn't have anyone who will play bondage games with her. Today she finds herself home all alone and she cannot resist the urge to be restrained and gagged. So she gets out some of her bondage toys and goes into a room. Little does she know it, but someone is hiding in the closet and watching her every move. He watches as Savannah takes off her dress and is now in her sexy lingerie. Savannah then uses straps to bind her ankles and legs. She then gets on her knees and shoves a ball in her mouth and buckles the strap behind her head. Finally she cuffs her hands behind her back so she is now helplessly bound and gagged. The man continues to watch as Savannah moans with please as she struggles with her bonds. But as he moves to ease a cramp from sitting so long, he accidentally makes a noise and Savannah sees him. Before she can get to the handcuff key, the man comes out of hiding and grabs her. He decides that he is going to tie Savannah better and stuff a better gag in her mouth. Using rope he found in the closet, he removes the cuffs and straps and then ties Savannah up very tight. He then takes the ball gag out of her mouth. When Savannah starts to scream for help, he stuffs a pair of her panties in her mouth and then ties a rag between her teeth to gag her again. Savannah thinks she is a real life bound and gagged victim now and she tries to plead with the man through the gag. But the man has no intention to harm her and he just watches. Seeing her getting worked up, the man decides to add to her fear by telling her the evil things he plans to do in her house. This gets Savannah to start struggling harder to get loose. The man decides to leave Savannah, but first he wants to add something to her excitement. He ties a piece of rope between her legs and over her panties to crotch rope her. He then leaves Savannah with her boobs out as he pulls down her bra. As Savannah rolls around on the floor, she starts to realize that this is what she really wanted in the first place and that maybe she can worry about getting herself untied later. First she wants to take care of a need. She starts tugging on the crotch rope causing it to go deeper inside her. Slowly she works her self up until she feels herself star to cum. Her breathing gets deeper and her moans get much louder until all of a sudden, she loses control and has a wild orgasm.

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