GNDB0598-Adara Jordin-Please Untie me!

16:22 video

Two men are holding Adara hostage and have her tied up tight in a hotel room.  One of them is watching her while to other is away taking care of some business.  After leaving Adara to struggle bound and gagged for sometime, the man watching her decides to take the gag out of her mouth and give her a drink of water. Then just before he gags her again, Adara tells him to let her tell him something first.  She offers him a deal where she will let him have his way with her if he agrees to untie her and let her rest for a while.  She promises that she will not try to escape.  The man goes for her deal and soon Adara is untied and bent over the sofa with her panties down.  When the man is finished with her, he lets her pull her panties back up and sit on the sofa to relax for a little while.  But Adara was planning for this opportunity and as soon as the man steps away, she gets up and tries to run out the door.  Unfortunately for her, the man catches her and not she is going to pay.  He ties her up again. This time tighter with her hands behind her back.  He also stuffs and tapes a bigger wad of panties in her mouth to gag her again.  Finally, to make things very uncomfortable for her, the man hogties Adara with a piece of rope tied very tight up between her legs.  He also pulls her boobs out of her bra. He lets her know that he is going to have hid way with her again.  But this time with her while she is bound and gagged.

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