GNDB0612-Sahrye-Tying his bitch boss up and giving her what she really needs

14:24 video

He had been working all day and was no where near finished when in walked hi boss Sahrye. Not happy with the progress of his work, Sahrye was not very happy and started to lay into him about it. When she told him that she was considering firing him, he told her that she didn't need to do that, because he decided to quit. He also told her that he never liked her attitude and before he left, he was going to do something to fix the problem. As he grabbed her, he told that he knew exactly what she needed and started to tie her up with rope. Sahrye protested and tried to resist. But she was soon over powered and found herself all tied up with rope. When she started to cry out for help, he stuffed her mouth and then wrapped tape around her face and mouth to gag her. .Then when she was left alone bound and gagged, Sahrye struggled hard to get loose. She had no idea what her former employee had planned for her. He tied her so he spread her legs apart and she feared that maybe he was going to pull her panties down and do naughty things to her. This idea kind of turned her on, but she refused to admit this to him. In fact, the real reason she liked to give him such a hard time was because she kind of had a crush on him, but was too shy to say anything about it. Things then got very interesting when the man returned with a vibrator. When he plugged it in, Sahrye tried to protest. But with her mouth stuffed and taped tight, there was no way he could understand a word she said. At first when he turned the vibrator on, pull her legs apart and put it between her legs in the right spot, Sahrye tried to pretend she didn't like what was going on. But when he increased the spped, it didn't take long until she lost complete control and had her first orgasm. When he continued to vibe her, she couldn't resist any more and now she wanted him. She begged him through the gag to roll her over and pull her panties down. It didn't take him long to figure out what she wanted, but before he did anything, he wanted her to let him keep his job with a large raise. Sahrye squealed through the gag, letting him know she would give him anything he wanted. So a short time later, he pulled her panties down and Sahrye was ready for him to give her exactly what she needed.

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