SVBC1903-Kate Powers-Spoiled College Girl Tied Up And Locked In A Basement

11:11 video

This is another Girl Next Door Bondage Classice.  It features Kate Powers who used to use the name, PXE.  Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. These videos are added bonus updates:

College Coed Kate Powers AKA PXE has been grabbed in her Cheerleader uniform by a man who takes her to his hideout. He forces her into a basement room and makes her sit on a cot. "Sit still! Or Else!" the man warns her as he leaves and locks the door. But no sooner than he gone, Kate jumps up and starts pounding on the door as she screams for help. This causes the man to come back and grab her. "I warned you!" he tells her as he starts tying her up on a chair. Kate continues to scream for help as the man adds more and more rope until he finally has her tied up very tight. Then to put a stop to her screaming, the man roughly stuffs her mouth and wraps tape around her face and over her mouth to gag her. Believing that Kate cannot cause anymore problems the man leaves her again. But as soon as he is gone, Kate manages to stand up and start hopping to the door bound and gagged. When she gets there, she uses her head to bang on the door as she squeals through the tight gag. Again, this causes the man to return and this time he is going to make sure Kate is going to stay still. He makes her lie face down on the floor as he puts her into a very tight and painfull hogtie. Then to punish her, he pulls her sweater up and her bra down to expose her boobs. This time when he leaves her, all Kate can do is lie there and whimper through the gag as completely helpless and vulnerable.

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