GNDB0614-AJ Marion-You can't just barge in here and tie me upmmmmph!

15:09 video

They are following an enemy spy and he has to keep on an eye on where he goes. But the only place for a good view of his location is a certain hotel room across the street. The only problem is that room is occupied by a lady named AJ Marion.

The video begins with the man looking out of a hotel room window. He is on a cell phone describing what the enemy spy is doing. It turns out he is able to watch the man because AJ has let him into her room. But it appears that she really didn't agree to do this willingly. Because there she is on the sofa bound and gagged. She struggles as she watches the man talk to his associates. When it appears the man they are watching is getting ready to move, the man leaves the room. Now alone, AJ struggles her way off of the sofa. Slowly she work her way over to the front door and tries to open it. But just as it appears she is about to escape, the man returns. He grabs AJ and pulls her away from the door. He drags her back to the sofa and uses more rope to tie her more secure. He also removes her gag, but he quickly replaces it by stuffing and taping a pair of panties in her mouth. Because he needs to leave and doesn't want AJ to alert the authorities, he hogties her very tightly. You would think she is completely helpless with no hope of escape. But as soon as the man leaves, AJ somehow manages to squirm her way over to the door. Sooner or later, someone will walk by her door and hear her loud grunts and whimpers as he cries out through the tight gag.

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