GNDB0640-Hannah Perez-Tying me up and gagging me! What kind of lunatic are you!

15:25 video

He has been confined in a mental institution for some time because of an issue where he cannot control his urge to tie up and gag women. But because of good behavior, they have allowed him to travel home for a visit. On his way home, he stopped to stay at a hotel. Everything was fine until one of the hotel desk ladies named Hannah did something to anger him. All of a sudden, all of the treatment and therapy he had received seemed to not matter anymore. When he found the right opportunity, he grabbed Hannah and took her up to his room. There he tied her up with rope and when she refused to be quiet, he stuffed and taped a gag in her mouth. Hannah struggle hard to get loose. But the rope was tied expertly tight and there was no way she was getting loose without help. Then she heard the man get on his cell phone and have a conversation with what sounded like his psychiatric therapist. OMG! he really is some kind of Lunatic!" she realized. After he hung up, the man brought out more rope and tied Hannah much more secure. Then things got really bad when he pulled her big tits out of her bra and hogtied her on the floor. She then heard him get back on his phone and it seemed that he was talking to the same person. He even told this person about having Hannah bound and gagged in his room. But then he hung up and told Hannah that he had to leave because the hospital he was confined would be sending someone to pick him up and he had no desire to go back. He left Hannah this as he made his escape. In an hour or so, men in white suits would show up and find her struggling bound and gagged.

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