GNDB0642-Sayrye & Amanda Foxx-Bounty Hunters tied up and gagged

16:09 video

Sahrye and Amanda are partner bounty hunters. They are the trail of some bad guy and track him down to hotel out of state. They strorm into his room and catch him by surprise. But when Amanda goes to handcuff him, she realizes that she forgot her handcuffs in the car. "keep and eye on him!" she tells Sahrye as she goes back to the car. Somehow while Amanda was away, Sahrye made a mistake and was over powered by the man. Quickly, he tied her up and stuffed her mouth. Then after wrapping her mouth with tape, he waited for Amanda to return. He didn't have to wait long. Amanda was shocked to find her partner bound and gagged. But as she tried to help her, the man grabbed her from behind. He made her sit next to Sahrye so he could tie her up too. Then to shut her up, he stuffed and taped her mouth too. The girls were then left to struggle tied up and gagged. They tried to help each other get loose, but the man had them tied very tight and secure. of course they could not communicate with their mouths packed full and wrapped tight. After a while, the man is ready to make his escape. But before he leaves the girls, h wants to make sure they stay tied and secure for some time. Using more rope, he ties them more secure. He also hogties them and strips them down to their pantyhose so their panties are visible. As an added treat, for himself, he pulls Amanda's bra down to expose her tits. He then leaves the girls, this time for good.

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