GNDB0649-Naughty Emi-Keeping their German Nanny hogtied and gagged.

14:06 video

He was on a family vacation in a foreign country. But something came up and he had to leave. The only problem was, he needed someone to watch his mischievous sons. But the hotel provided a local women named Emi who provided a nanny service for occasions like this. And the good thing was, she spoke a little bit of English. When Emi arrived and met the man, she assured him that everything was going to alright and he left. But unfortunately for Emi, she did not understand as much English as she needed for this occasion. When they brought up playing a game of "Cops and Robbers" she thought is was some simple American game. A short time later, they had her tied up with rope. At first she played along thinking she was soon be untied. But that wasn't going to happen. In fact when she asked to cut the game short and be untied, they stuffed a red ball in her mouth to gag her. It would be hours before dad would return to find the German Nanny still struggling bound and gagged with her dressed pulled up.

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