SVBC0066-Christina-Help Me! He's taping me Upmmmpphh!

Girl Next Door Bondage Classice featuring Christina Carter. Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. 720 X 480 5000kbps

A burglar has Christina in her garage. Her hands are bound behind her back with duct tape and her legs are also taped up. As she struggles on the floor, she pleads with the man to let her go. But he has only left her because he needs more duct tape. When he returns, he starts wrapping more tape around her chest and arms. As he wraps it both above and below her big boobs, it becomes evident that she is not wearing a bra since her nipples are pressed against the material of her sweater. Christina continues to plead with the man to let her go. Then with the man standing behind her, Christina looks back and notices that he is wadding up a pair of black panties. "What the heck are you going to do with those panties!" Christina demands to know. She soon finds out when the man roughly stuffs them in her mouth and then covers her packed mouth with duct tape. Christina's eyes get very big as she panics, realizing she cannot talk anymore. After adding more tape to her thighs, the man leaves Christina alone in the garage. Christina wiggles around on the floor wildly. This causes her very short skirt to rise up her hips, revealing that she is not wearing panties under her pantyhose. But things are about to get worse when the man returns and rips open her sweater. This will allow her big boobs to spill out and bounce around as she struggles for the rest of the afternoon all taped up in the garage.

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