GNDB0445-Lauren Kiley-He followed me home and taped me up!

Lauren found out where some guy who ripped her and her friend off lived. So she went home to call her friend. She told the friend of her discovery and said she was going to call the authorities. She told the friend to call her back in a bout a half of an hour. Lauren didn't know it, but this bad guy had followed her home. So when her friend called back a short time later, there was no answer. This is because Lauren was now tape bound and gagged. When the phone stopped ringing, the bad guy returned with another role of tape which her used to completely tape Lauren up until she was totally helpless. He also changed her gag by re-stuffing and tape wrapping her mouth. He then left Lauren to struggle bound and gagged while he figured out what to do with her. Lauren struggled around in her living room bound and gagged. Her only hope was for her friend to become suspicious and send someone to rescue her.

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