GNDB0459-Ashlee Graham-Keeping our babysitter gagged in the garage

Ashlee is babysitting and doesn't know how she let these guys talk her into letting them tie her up again. She should have learned last time when they refused to untie until about 15 minutes before their step-dad arrived home from work. But now this time, when she refused to shut up, they gagged with a pair of their step-mom's panties stuffed and tied them in her mouth with a rag. Ashlee squeals through the gag demanding they come back and untie her. She realizes that her pleas are a waste of time. But wait a minute, all of a sudden she sees something. A nail sticking out of a shelf. She works her way over to it and uses it to hook onto the panties stuffed in her mouth. It takes a little bit of an effort, but she eventually gets the panties out. The rag is still tied between her teeth, but without stuffing, this gag is no longer effective. She demands that they come back in and now she knows they can hear her. This time she swears to tell their step-dad about this. Ashlee thinks this will get them to into the garage and let her go. She knows they are very afraid of the punishment their step-dad with give them. Their thought process tells them, "If we are gonna get punished, it might as well be for something really good!" The next thing Ashlee knows, they have her hogtied. Her mouth is again stuffed with a larger pair of Step-Mom's panties and taped this time so there is now hope of getting them out. And when step-dad get home, he is going to find her bouncing her big tits about as she struggles bound and gagged.

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