GNDB0491-Slyy-When he gets here! He is going to find you bound and gagged!

This is Slyy. A girl I worked with on my recent trip to Florida. This is the first of 5 videos I shot with her

Slyy's boy friend took something of his and he is here to get it back. But, Slyy tells the man that her boyfriend is work.  He makes her call him to ask him to come home for something important. The boyfriend tells her that it will be an hour or so until he can get there. The man tells Slyy that he will stay and wait and asks to use her restroom.  The minute he steps away, Slyy picks up her phone to call her boyfriend back to warn him. But the man comes back and catches her. Now knowing he cannot trust Slyy, he ties her up with rope.  And so, she cannot cry out a warning, he stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. As Slyy struggles bound and gagged, she is not happy at all.  The rope is tight and painfull, and the gag makes it even more uncomfortable.  Just before the boyfriend gets home, the man hogties Slyy.  He also pulls her skirt up and her bra down.  This way when the boyfriend sees her with her tits out, he will know this man is serious

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