GNDB0496-Fayth-She knew she was going to spend the rest of the day tied up

It had been about 10 years since I last worked with Fayth on Fire. Not because, of us not wanting to work together.  But because, we just were never free in the same area. She and I are Very Good Friends. On my recent trip to Florida, we finally got together for a few video clips.

Fayth owned a jewelry store and had been a victim of a robbery in the past.  So today when this man walked in, she recognized him as the same man who robbed her before. "You know the routine," he told her as he brought out some rope. Without putting up a fight, she put her hands behind her back and let the man tie her up. All she asked, was that the man not tie her as tight as he did last time.  Soon the man had Fayth struggling bound and gagged. She tried hard to get loose.  But she knew that the man tied tight knots and hours later, she found herself still tied up tight. But, now she was hogtied with rope tied tight up between her legs

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