GNDB0529-They paid him to tie up, gag and pull the babysitters panties down

Carmen Valentina NEW

Tape Bondage

Carmen is babysitting. As usual, she is having a hard time getting these guys to cooperate and go to bed. Believing she has accomplished this, she sits down to relax. She fails to notice as a man sneaks up behind.  He grabs her and quickly tapes her up. He shuts her by stuffing and taping her mouth.  Left to struggle bound and gagged, Carmen see the guys she is babysitting come out of their room.  "Run and get help", she tries to tell them. But, they do nothing but watch.  They then leave her go off to watch television.  Then, the bad guy returns. Little by little, he strips Carmen down until her tits are exposed and her panties are pulled down. A short time later, the guys come out to see a very humiliated Carmen. Carmen notices that they don't seem concerned to see the man who tied her up there. Then she finds out what is really going on when they count fifty one dollar bills to pay the man for tying up their babysitter for them.

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