GNDB0530-By the time you get here, I'll be bound and gagged!

Nyxon NEW


A man has come into Nyxon's house and is looking for something to tie her up with. When he steps away, Nyxon gets a chance to use her phone.  But, she doesn't call the authorities, because she has some legal issues that might come up.  Instead she calls a friend and tells her to come over to help.  "By, the time you get here, I will probably be bound and gagged!" she tells the friend.  A short time later, the man returns and sure enough in no time she is bound and gagged.  Later, the friend shows up and removes the gag.  But, Nyxon informs her that the bad guy is still in the house and tells her to go hide. But, that ends up not being a good idea.  Because instead of leaving Nyxon where the friend can help her, He lifts her up over his shoulder and carries her away.

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