GNDB0535-Tricking the English Nanny into a game of Cops and Robbers

Missey from 2013


While out of the country, a man and his wife need to find someone to watch their sons. They call an agency looking for a baby sitter and are told that they could hire an English Nanny. Sometime later, a lady named Missey shows up. The man explains instructions to her and warns her that his sons tend to get themselves in a lot of mischief. Missey tells him not to worry because she has lots of experience. But somehow things do not work out as she plans. Because in the next scene, it appears that she is a little tied up. Somehow she let the sons talk her into a game of "Cops and Robbers" with the promise to let her go after a short while. She plays along pretending to be the damsel in distress. But when she asks them to untie her, they bring out a pair of step-mom's panties and stuff her mouth to gag her with them.. Missey is furious as she tries to demand to be released. But they pay her no attention and leave her to struggle bound and gagged. After a while her clothes become disheveled and still she cannot loosen the knots. But she does manage to get to her cell phone and make a call to the parents. But even though she is able to get the wad of panties out of her mouth, she cannot get the rag tied between her teeth out. As she talks to the step-father, it is still very hard to understand what she is saying in her sexy English accent.

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