GNDB0536-You're going to end up tied painfully tight and gagged just like me!

He is talking to a girl he met on the internet on his cell phone.  It turns out that she has bondage fantasies, but has never been tied up.  She is considering giving it a try with him. But, she worries about having a bad experience since she has never met him in person.  The man assures her that he doesn't have a whole lot of experience also and only wants to try.  He assure her that he will not tie her up tight and will let her go if it turns out she doesn't like it or feel comfortable. But, somehow, we get the feeling this guy may not telling this young woman the truth. Because, the next thing we see is a girl named Whitney sitting on a chair a few feet away. Whitney has been stripped down to her underwear and she is tied very tight with rope.  He mouth is also stuffed and taped tight. She tries to cry out a warning, but the gag keeps her very muted. If the girl on the phone could hear what Whitney is saying, she would hear, "Don't believe him. I fell for the same trick. When you get here he is going to tie you up painfully tight, gag you and fuck you like he did me!" After the man gets off the phone, he prepares to meet this other girl in the hotel bar. Before he leaves, he hogties Whitney and leaves her struggling with her tits out, knowing soon she will be join another girl who is going to fall into this guy's trap. 

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