GNDB0537-My boyfriend doesn't need to know I let you tie me up!

Slyy NEW

His boss is out of town and has him keeping an eye on Slyy, his girl friend. As the man talks on the phone, he doesn't realize that Slyy is behind him, listening to the conversation. At one point the man mentions to the person he is talking to, how sexy Slyy is and wishes he could tie her up and have his way with her. So, when the man hangs up, Slyy confronts him. She tells him that she heard the conversation and that she has always wanted someone to tie her up and have his way with her. When she tells the man she wants him to do this to her, he gives her what she asks for and soon has her struggling bound and gagged. After the man pulls Slyy's big tits out she starts to get more turned on.  At one point she get on her knees on the floor.  She bends over and looks at the man. "Go ahead and fuck me now!" she tries to tell him through the gag.

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