GNDB0539-Lured to his room the older woman found herself tied up and gagged

Kittie from 2016

Kittie is the oldest woman I have ever tied up.  Except for a woman I tied up several times in the 1970's who was twice my age, Kittie and Elane Hershey are the only two woman I tied up who were older than me.

Kittie met this nice gentleman in the hotel bar and agreed to go up with him to his room. But once upstairs, instead of taking their clothes off and jumping in bed, the man grabbed Kittie. He told her that he liked to play kinky foreplay games and started to tie her up. Kittie was uncomfortable with this, but still let him ties her wrists. But as he tied her tighter and tighter, she realized something was not right and she started to fight. Seeing she was onto his scheme, the man knew Kittie would soon be screaming for help. So he stuffed her mouth and tied a rag between her teeth to gag her. Kittie continued to fight as the man tied more and more rope around her. She tried to reach back and grab whatever she could on him and squeeze with hopes of injuring him. But eventually, her ability to fight came to end when she found she was bound gagged and helpless. To make matters worse, her tight cocktail dress had risen all the way up her hips to expose her skimpy pink panties under her sheer to the waist pantyhose. As an added humiliation, the man pulled her dress top down to expose her boobs and he had also crotch roped her. As Kittie laid there hogtied and listened to the man's phone conversion, she realized he was making plans to sell her off as a sex slave and there was nothing she could do about it.

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