GNDB0548-This Lunatic you set me up with has me bound and gagged!

15:03 video

Fayth on Fire NEW

Her best friend set Fayth up for a blind date.  She told Fayth what a nice guy he was and assured her that she would enjoy being with him. But, as the video begins, we find Fayth struggling hogtied and gagged in just a bra and girdle. Somehow, she gets out of the hogtie and is able to get the gag out of her mouth.  She works her way over to her cell phone and calls her best friend. She explains that the guy she set her up with is into some kinky bondage stuff and tells her friend to come help her. But before the friend can get there to help Fayth, the man returns and re-gags her.  he also ties her tighter and more secure. It will be some time for Fayth's best friend to shows up to find her struggling bound and gagged in a white panty girdle and bra.  But then when she gets here, Fayth is going to find up she has been set up. 

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