GNDB0557-Don't tell my sister I let you tie me up while she was out of town!

Pepper Sterling from 2013

Pepper had a real problem. There was this older man who she really had the hots for. The problem was, he was married to her step-sister. But one day while she was at his house, she found some books with girls tied up in them. Since she was a little girl, Pepper had always had a bondage fantasy and the thought of being tied up by a man often got her very turned on. Now knowing that her step-brother in law was also into this, made Pepper not care at all that he was married to her step-sister. She waited until one weekend when her step-sister was out of town when she asked her step-brother in law over. She told him that she had found his books and let him know that she would tell her step-sister about them if he didn't agree to tie her up. But even though he knew she really had no intentions to say anything to his wife, he agreed to tie her up anyways. Then as he started to tie her wrists behind her back, he could not help but notice just how turned on Pepper was getting. Soon she started breathing very hard and as he added more rope, she started to moan with pleasure. Her moans got so loud that he decided she needed and wanted to be quieted down. So he stuffed her mouth with panties and then taped her up to gag her. Now Pepper could no longer control herself and she really wanted her step-brother in law to take advantage of her. When he left her alone, she became very disappointed. A short time later. she returned and Pepper wanted him to know that he could do what ever he wanted with her. When she lifted her tight skirt to give him a view of her pretty panties under her pantyhose, her step-brother in law brought out some more rope. He put Pepper down on the floor and crotch roped her. Then after hogtying her, he lifted her blouse and pulled her big tits out of her bra. He told Pepper that he would do whatever she wanted him to do to her. But first he wanted to watch her get herself worked up by using the crotch rope to get herself off. Pepper gladly took him up on this offer.

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