GNDB0558-Come home Please! Some man has me tied up in our basement!

16:07 video

Vicious Vamp as Michelle from 2013

Michelle(Vicious Vamp) has heard a noise in her basement and calls her step-father to to hoke from work. In a business suit, step-dad walks and checks the place out to find nothing. This has not been the first time his step-daughter has done this and he warns her not to call again. He tells her because of so many false alarms by he, he will not come home. "You will not be happy until to come home to find me bound and gagged with my panties down to my knees!" she tells him as he walks out eh door and back to work. He isn't even gone one minute when a masked man sneaks up on Michelle and grabs her. A short time later, she is tied up and gagged on the basement floor. After struggling for sometime,Michelle sees her cell phone laying on the floor a few feet away. She works her way over to it and starts to call her step-father for help. But then she realizes that she is gagged and he will only think it is a prank call. She then sees a solution to this problem, a nail sticking out of aboard. She worked her way over to the nail and catches a string from the panties stuffed in her mouth on it. She tugs and tugs until the panties slowly work their way out of her mouth. But the rag tied between her teeth is tied so tight, she cannot get that out. Still she calls her step-dad at work. When he answers she starts squealing into the phone that she needs help. The step-father listens and despite the cleave gag in her mouth, he is able to understand her. Much to her displeasure, step-dad does not believe her story and thinks it is just another false alarm. He hangs up on her and Michelle finds herself alone and still tied up. Then the bad guy returns and sees what is going on. he re-gags her. This time stuffing her mouth and sealing it shut with tape. Then to make her sorry for her attempt to get help,he decides to have some fun with her. What kind of fun, you might ask. Lets just say that when step-daddy comes home, he will find her hogtied and gagged with her big tits bouncing about and, with her panties down to her knees.

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