GNDB0569-Maybe it's time I let you come over to tie me up and gag me!

Ren Smolder from 2016

Ren Smolder is on her phone telling her best friend about her date tonight. It is with an older man she met who is into the same type of kinky games. Ren refuses to discuss the details because she doesn't want the friend to know that she into getting tied up and gagged. Before she can finish the conversation, Ren hears someone come in. Believing it is her date, she hangs up. When a man walks up to her, she hands him rope and lets him tie her up. But shortly after she finds herself all tied up, she gets a text message on her cell phone from the guy she is getting tied up by. But it turns out, the real guy has not arrived yet. Because the messages says he is running late. "If the guy who she is suppose to meet is not here, then who is the guy who has her tied up!" Ren asks herself. Before she can say anything else, the man comes back with a pair of her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. With Ren trying to protest, he then wraps her face and mouth with tape to finish gagging her. Ren realizes now she is bound and gagged by a real robber and there is nothing she can do but grunt and squeal through the tight gag. As much as she loves being tied up, Ren tries desperately to get loose and call for help.

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