GNDB0571-The Big Girl Next Door punished bound and gagged

Jessica Lust from 2017

Jessica and her neighbor are having an affair.  But Jessica has done something to get him in trouble again.  He warned her last time that if she did this again, he would punish her.  In the past, punishment was a good spanking.  Which is something Jessica likes.  So, the warning he gave her, went in one ear and out the other, and now she is in trouble again.  But this time, the man doesn’t spank her.  Instead he has her bound and gagged.  The scene begins with him making her hop into a garage.  He makes her sit on a chair, but she refuses to cooperate.  The man brings out more rope and ties her down to the chair.  He also puts a bigger gag in her mouth.  A huge pair of panties packed in with tape. To humiliate her, he ties rope over her huge tits after he pulls them out of her bra.  He then ties rope very tightly up her pussy. Jessica squeals through the gag as she is left alone in the garage. But suddenly, the rope tied between her legs hit her in the right spot and now she is very turned on.  She starts working this rope and soon she is moaning very loud as she has the first of several bound orgasms.  Later the man comes back and asks Jessica if she is ready to be untied.  She looks at him and nods yes.  With her mouth stuffed and taped full of panties, she cannot say anything. But if she could, she would tell the man to get her untied so he can hurry up and fuck her brains out.

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