GNDB0592-Trophy wife tied up and put in a closet

11:09 video

Jasmine Mendez from 2012


When he came in, he didn't think anyone would be home. But when he found Jasmine, the very tall good looking Latina lady of the house home, he had to do something with her. He grabbed her and forced her into a bedroom closet where he tied her up with rope. To shut her up, he found a pair of her panties in nearby drawer and stuffed them in her mouth. To keep her ggaged, he tied a cleave gag tight between her teeth. "Don't go anywhere" he told Mrs Mendez as he went off. Jasmine had no plans of staying put. She struggled hard to get loose. But when she found the rope tied too tight, she realized her only hope was to get the telephone in the bedroom. So slowly she struggled her way out of the closet. Unfortunately for her though, the man returned and put a stop to her plan. To punish her, he pulled her skirt off and put her in a strict ball tie.. Now she couldn't go anywhere. Hours later, her husband would come home to find his wife still struggling bound and gagged in her pantyhose.

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