GNDB0599-Full Figured Waitress-Taped up and stashed away

14:01 video

Jenna Holloway from 2013

Jenna has been grabbed by some man and taken away. The video begins with him taking her into a secluded basement somewhere on the wrong side of town. He throws her down to the ground and tells her to stay put. He threatens to tie her up if she doesn't cooperate. But Jenna pays no attention to his warning and the second she thinks that she has a chance, she gets up and tries to run away. The man catches her and puts her on her knees. He brings out a roll of duct tape and tapes her up very tight. Then so she cannot scream, he stuffs her mouth and wraps more tape around her face and over her mouth to gag Jenna. Jenna is then left to struggle bound and gagged on the cold concrete floor. She pays not attention to the fact that her very tight short skirt is rising up her hips until her panties are exposed. Later, the man returns and adds more tape to make Jenna even more helpless. And then, finally before he leaves her again, the man pull Jenna's bra down so her bit tits are free to bounce about freely as she struggles to get loose.

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