GNDB0600-I found myself rope tied and ball gagged!

14:22 video

Nadia White from 2017

Last thing Nadia remembered was, being in a bar talking to a man.  But then things went blank.  Sometime later, she opened her eyes to find herself in a strange place.  When she couldn't move or try to talk, she realized that she was tied up with rope and had something wedged in her mouth to gag her.  "OMG! I am bound and gagged!" she thought to herself.  Then she heard a man's voice.  It was the man from the bar and he was talking on his cell phone. Nadia started to struggle and try to talk to the man. He noticed her and hung up from his phone call. He brought out more rope and started tying Nadia more secure.  Then he removed the ball gag.  But before Nadia could say too much, he stuffed her mouth and tied a rag tight between her teeth to gag her again. Right about now, was when Nadia realized what was going on.  The man grabbed her planned to sell her off to one of his clients.  Nadia knew she was in big trouble and had to get away.  But when the man hogtied, crotch roped her and started shooting photos of her with her tits out, she knew it was hopeless.

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