GNDB0602B-Coming home to find the baby sitter bound and gagged

11:17 video

Kristyna Dark from 2013

Veteran's Day BONUS VIDEO

They were out of town for their anniversary and needed a baby sitter so they could go out. Luckily they were able to find an agency who was able to get them a last minute sitter.

The video begins with Kristyna Dark, the baby sitter talking to them on her cell phone. She assures them that everything is going well and to enjoy their special night out. When she hangs up, she agrees to play a little game with their boys she is sitting before they head off to bed. Kristyna is told that in this game she is to play the helpless lady who has been captured by some bad guys(Them). Thinking that this is a harmless game, Kristyna lets them tie her up. But as she struggles in the rope, she realizes that she is tied very tight and that even if she wanted to get loose, she couldn't She plays along for a while, thinking that they will soon untie her. But as time goes by, the rope starts cutting into her skin and she asks to be untied. Much to her displeasure, they tell her the game is not over and instead they add more rope. Now Kristyna lets them know that she is serious and demands to be let loose. When they refuse, she threatens to call their parents. Not wanting her to talk anymore, they stuff and tape a pair of their step-mother's panties in her mouth to gag her. Kristyna is furious now and tries to holler through the gag. But with her mouth packed and wrapped tight, it is impossible for them to understand what she is saying. In fact, even if Kristyna screamed for help, it is highly unlikely anyone outside of the room will hear her. She is in a hopeless situation and because the rope is tied so tight, there is no way she is getting loose without help. Kristyna starts to panic as she notices her skirt has risen up her hips. Her blouse has also popped open. She worries they they will leave her like this until their arrives return. If that is the case, it is going to be very embarrassing for her to be found bound and gagged with her bra and panties exposed.

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