GNDB0606-Followed from the elevator and tied up

16:25 video

Chrissy Marie from 2018

Chrissy was waiting for the elevator on her way back up to her hotel room.  She was the only person waiting but just as the door is about to close a man suddenly appears and joins her. She recognizes him from the lobby this morning and is getting  creepy vibes from him. She exits on her floor and begin walking to her room but can’t shake the feeling that she is being followed. She looks back and notices the man walking towards her quite determinedly. She walks faster and hurries to unlock her room door. But just as she opens the door, the man grabs her takes her inside her room. He over powers Chrissy and ties her up tight with rope.  So she cannot scream, he stuffs a gag in her mouth. Now bound and gagged, Chrissy is at this man's mercy. Later, he comes back to torment Chrissy more.  Now, he decides to tie her in a very strict chicken wing hogtie. He also pulls her boobs out of her bra. He leaves her this way until he decides it is time to have some fun with his captive. 

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