GNDB0608B-Full figure lady found bound and gagged in a vacant house

14:23 video

Joyful Girl from 2013


The people next door has moved out and the house is for sale. Because it is vacant, it is a neat place to sneak in and hang out for mischievous neighborhood boys. But it is also a great place to stash a hostage from a recent robbery. So today when the neighborhood boys sneak in, they find something very surprising. Down in the basement, they hear a noise and behind a bunch of boxes they find Joy, a sales lady from a nearby jewelery store. Joy is tightly bound and gagged. When she sees them, she tries to get them to untie her. But the knots are way too tight and they do not have the strength to get her loose. However, they are able to pull the rag tied over her mouth off. After she spits the wad of panties stuffed in her mouth out, she tells them to run off and get help. A short time later, Joy is alone again. But the bad guy returns to find not only is she not where he left her, but also her gag is removed. So, he re-stuffs her mouth and this he gags her by wrapping tape around her face and mouth. Again, Joy is left to struggle bound and gagged. Then a short time later, the boys return. When they tell her that their step-mother is not home and they do not know who else they can call to help her. Joy tries to tell them to go home and dial "911", but the gag makes it so they cannot understand a word she is saying. Again, they leave her and a short time later, the bad guy returns again. This time he tells her that he heard someone leave and he suspects that she is up to something. Because of this, he makes sure that she cannot cause him any problems. First, he pulls her great big tits out of her bra and then he makes her lie face down on the floor so her can hogtie her. Worried that help is on the way for Joy, he decides it is time to make his escape. Sure enough a short time later, Joy hears someone come in and call out for her. It appears the boys finally found help and their step-mom has come to find Joy in the embarrassing situation of being bound and gagged with her bit tits out.

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