GNDB0611-Get rid of your curvy friend or I will tie her up right next to you!

16:14 video

Jamie Knotts and Claire Irons

He is holding Claire against her will and demanding the combination to her safe. Suddenly there is a knock at the door.  It is Claire's friend Jamie. "Get rid of her or else!" The man demands. But Jamie refuses to leave so the man comes out and grabs her too.  Soon, he has both girls tied up with rope.  Then to keep them quiet, he stuffs both of their mouths with panties and tapes them up.  The girls are then left to struggle bound and gagged.  They attempt to get each other untied. Claire gets Jamie's legs untied, but then the man returns.  So to secure them better, he hogties the girls right next to each other on the floor.  As an added insult, he pulls their tops down to expose their boobs. 

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