GNDB0612-Curvy Bank Manager all tied up and stashed away in her office

14:18 video

Vicious Vamp as Michelle

A man is in the bank managers office talking on the phone making some kind of illegal transaction. The Bank Manager would do whatever she could to stop him, but right now the has her tied up and gagged on a chair in a corner of the officer. Michelle tries desperately to get loose and cry out for help. But the ropes are tight and the gag keeps her quiet enough for now.. However, when the man gets off the phone, he decides the curvy bank manager needs more rope and a better gag. So he puts her on her knees and winds more and more rope around her voluptuous body. He then removes the cleave gag and lets her spit out the wad of mouth packing. Before Michelle can say anything though, the man re stuffs her mouth with a pair of panties he found. Mostly like hers since they are very large. He then winds and wraps tape tightly around her face and mouth to finish gagging her. Now having Michelle tied and almost completely helpless, the man removes her skirt and puts her on the floor so he can hogtie her. Then as added humiliation, he ties a piece of rope tightly between her legs and connects it to her ankles. So now anytime she kicks, the crotch is pulled deeper inside her pussy. As Michelle struggles tied up painfully tight, she knows there is no way she is getting help. But the thought of being found like this means that she better find a way to get loose. But how? she asks herself. Then things take a turn for the worse when the man pulls her great big tits out of her bra. Now she has no choice. "There is no way I can let anyone see me like this" she tells herself.

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