GNDB0655-Hurry! Tie me up tight! Then Gag me too!


His wife has not be up for sex lately and he thinks he has found the perfect supplement. But the neighbor girl, Sahrye comes over and puts a kink in their plans. She finds the supplement and uses it herself. All of a sudden, she is craving a man and when her neighbor walks in, she is all over him begging him to pull her panties down and let her have it. He tries to figure out soon what to do with her sex crazed neighbor before he goes to meet his wife. He comes up with an idea and brings out some rope. Wife Sahrye trying her best to get herself undressed, he starts to tie her up. At first she is happy because being tied up has her even more turned on. But when he ties her legs together, she asks him how he plans to spread her legs now. After a awhile, Sahrye starts getting loud as demands to be fucked. Worried the neighbors will hear, he shuts her up by stuffing and tying a gag in her mouth. But this only quiets her slightly as her moans are still very loud. So the man comes back with some tape and wraps it around her face and over her gagged mouth to muffle her even more. Finally to make sure Sahrye stays put while he away, he hogties her. A short time later, although she is very lonely, she does manage to have the first of many bound orgasms.

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