GNDB0656-I don't let anyone tie me up on the first date!

Vicious Vamp as Michelle

Michelle(Vicious Vamp) met him at a local bar. Although she liked him, she had no plans to take him home with her. But she did allow him to buy her a couple of drinks. Somehow a few hours later, she found herself being taken to a basement by the man. She cannot remember what led to this because sometime after the first drink, things got confusing. Then when she saw him bring out rope, she got somewhat excited and told the man that she was into bondage. But then told him that she didn't allow anyone to tie her up on the first date. But as he tied her hands behind her back, Michelle had no ability to resist. She tried to protest when the man strapped a big white ball in her mouth. The next thing she knew she was gagged and getting tied with more rope. Sometime later, Michelle opened her eyes to find herself bound and gagged in the basement. She tried to remember what happened when a man walked in. "The man from the bar" she remembered. When he removed the ball gag, Michelle tried to talk to him so she could figure out how she got tied up like this. But the man immediately stuffed her mouth and then wrapped her face with tape. Then he untied her hands, but only long enough to take off her dress. He then re-tied her. This time tighter and with a lot more rope. Now Michelle was completely bound and gagged in her bra, garters, stocking and panties. But soon the bra came down and not she was bouncing her big tits about as she struggled on the floor hogtied and gagged.

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