GNDB0658-Curvy office girl left hogtied and gagged with her panties down

Freshie Juice as Sonya 

When the phone rings, no one answers. That is because Sonya, the office manager is bound gagged and tucked away on the other side of her desk. She struggles to get loose, but the rope is tied tight. A short time later, the bad guy returns to her and removes the gag. He gives her two choices, "Give me the password to your computer or your panties are coming down". Instead of begging and pleading, Sonya surprises the man when she smiles and asks him if she can have both. Give him the password and still have her panties pulled down so he can do naughty things to her. She tells him that being tied up like this really has her turned on. Unable to pass up a opportunity like this. he re gags her by stuffing her mouth and taping her up and agrees to her idea. A short time later, after getting what he came for, the man returns to Sonya. As he lays her face down on the floor and pulls her pantyhose and panties down, she can hardly control herself. A few hours later, the cleaning crew will come in and find Sonya still struggling bound and gagged with her panties down.

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