GNDB0659-I met him at a bar! Now he has me bound and gagged at his place!

Carolina Crush

He met Carolina at a local bar. After a while, she became very friendly with him and agreed to go to his place for some fun. But Carolina's idea of fun and his, took different routes. When he got her to his place, he grabbed her and started to tie her up with rope. At first Carolina thought trying something kinky like this would be fun. But then he started to tie it very tight and when he tied a piece of rope between her legs, Carolina no longer wanted to play. But it was too late to back out now. Especially when he sat her down and started to tie her legs and ankles. All Carolina could do it beg him to stop and when he wouldn't, she started to get angry and complain. Carolina's protests came to an abrupt end when the man stuffed and taped her mouth full of panties. he then left her to struggle bound and gagged on a stool. When the man returned, he found Carolina had struggle her way on to her knees and was not bent over a sofa. That was okay with him since it made it easier to tie her arms and upper torso with more rope. It also made her skirt rise and give him a nice view of her pantyhose covered rear and this only got him more excited. Now tied painfully tight with this horrible gag taped in her mouth, Carolina could only wish she left the bar with a man she had met earlier, but thought he was a little too boring for her.

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