GNDB0664-It is going to be hard to write your news story!

Liz Andrews 

Liz Andrews is a news reporter who is working on a story about a missing girl. She has a lead on this man who may know the where abouts of the girl. In fact she has photo evidence that shows he is directly involved. So she goes to his place and confronts him. It turns out this man is very involved and when she shows him a photo, the man realizes that Liz knows way too much. He grabs her and ties her up with rope. Of course, he cannot let her cry out for help. So he stuffs her mouth with panties and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. Liz tries to get loose. But she is tied very tight and her struggles to find a loose knot appears to be futile. But somehow she is able to get to her feet and hops over to her cell phone. But as she tries to make her call for help, the man returns and takes the phone away from her. So she cannot cause him anymore problems, the man ties Liz in a very strict ball. Then much to her surprise, the man drags Sahrye, the missing girl into the room. She then watches helplessly as he lifts Sahrye up over his shoulder and carries her away to another hide out.

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