GNDB0666-Tie me up and do me like you do Step-Mom!

Star Nine

He was having an affair with Star's step-mother. Recently he was there and somehow forgot his wallet in of all places, Star's bedroom. Believing no one would be home, Step-Mom told him to go back and get his wallet. Once he got there, he found the wallet. But as he was about to leave, Star showed up. He quickly hid in the closet and watched as Star came into the room. Then he realized that he made a big mistake. He had laid down his sunglasses right there where Star could see them. She picked them up and immediately knew what was going on. Right there in front of him, she stripped down until she was wearing only her crotch less fishnet pantyhose. Right after she took her panties off, she called the man out, telling him that she knew he was in her closet. She told the man that she knew all about the affair he and her step-mother were having and threatened to tell her out of town step-father about it, if he didn't do what she wanted. She told him that she was into bondage and wanted the man to play with her while she was tied up. The man had no choice but to give her what she wanted and soon Star was all tied up with rope. She continued to flirt with the man and when he told her that she needed to stay quiet, she refused. She told him that if he wanted her quiet, he would have to either gag her or put something in her mouth to shut her up. Although they both preferred the "Something Else" the man stuffed and taped a gag in her mouth. As he watched as Star struggled bound and gagged it was very obvious that she was very turned on. He also knew that she was going to want to want a lot more from him and this was going to be a serious problem for him. Because now Star had two things that would put him at her mercy if he didn't give her anything she wanted in the future.

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