GNDB0667-We had a Deal! You said you would let me go if I sucked your commmpph!


The scene starts off with a pair of high heeled feet protruding from under a desk. Slowly we see some legs, then some stocking tops and garters, then a skirt partially covering Sahrye's nice curvy butt. Over the top of the desk there is a man sitting on a chair with Sahrye's head bobbing up and down on his lap. All of a sudden, the man receives a call on his cell phone and finds out he has to leave. So he stops Sahrye and tells her that they can finish what she is doing to him later. When the man lifts her and starts to tie Sahrye up over the desk, she tells him, "Hey, I though we had a deal!" But the man pays no attention to her and continues to tie her up. "You said you would let me go if I sucked your coooommmmph!" She tries to say as she is cut off by the man stuffing a foam rubber ball in her mouth. Then he wraps tape around her face and over her stuffed mouth to finish gagging her. Sahrye is then left to struggle bound and gagged as the leaves to take care of his business. At one point, she works her way onto the desk to pick up the telephone. As she tries to call for help, the phone falls off of the desk and onto the floor. Sahrye then works her way back down to the floor and tries to call for help. But this doesn't work out and a short time later, the man returns. Very anxious to continue what they were doing, the man realizes that it is going to be difficult to remove the gag. He finds it much easier and maybe just bit more enjoyable to just lean her over the desk and pull her panties down.

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