GNDB0668-If you want me to shut up you'll have to shove it in my mouth!

Cupcake Sinclair 

This man has taken Cupcake and is holding her captive.  But, instead of being frightened, Cupcake is very excited by this.. She has always had a fantasy of being taken captive by a man. "Hey, aren't you suppose to tie me up!" She tells the man. When he says that is isn't necessary, Cupcake tells him that is and talks him into tying her up with rope. As he ties the rope, Cupcake continues talking. At one point, he tells her that she talks too much. "You're just going to have to shut me up!" she tells him. The next thing she knows, the man shoves his big cock in her mouth.  This turns Cupcake on even more and she sucks him hard. After they are finished, The man finishes tying Cupcake up and he also gags her to shut her up again.  Cupcakes struggles bound and gagged. She is so turned on, she cannot control herself as she tries to get the man to fuck her.  In the end, she gets her way, as he pulls her panties down and lets her have it.

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