GNDB0670-Do I have you girls gagged tight enough!

Vicious Vamp as Michelle tied with Tina Lee Comet

Dixie Malone(Tina Lee Comet) and her private detective partner Michelle(Vicious Vamp) are hot on the trail of some bad guy. They get information that he is hiding out in some vacant house on the wrong side of town. After searching the place, they cannot find him. So as Michelle goes up to call in to their office, Dixie stays downstair. All of a sudden, Dixie is grabbed from behind. Apparently the bad guy was hiding so well, they missed him. He drags her into a room and ties Dixie up with rope. To keep her from screaming for Michelle, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. Some time later, Michelle comes down looking for her and finds Dixie struggling bound and gagged. But when she starts to untie her, the man sneaks up and grabs her too. The next thing both girls know, they are tied up side by side on chairs. Then to shut her up too, the man stuffs and ties a gag in Michelles mouth. Then before he leaves them, the man pulls both of the girls tops and bras down to expose their boobs. The girl are then left to struggle all tied up. They struggle for what seems like hours, grunting and whimpering through the gags. Some how, Michelle manages to get her legs loose. She is then able to push herself over to Dixie and untie her bound wrists. The eventually get themselves completely untied. But by then, the bad guy they are after is long gone.

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