GNDB0674-So embarrassed! He left me hogtied and gagged with my tits out!

Hannah Perez

Hannah owes some guy a lot of money. So much, that there is no way she can pay him back. This causes her to have to leave town and go into hiding. The video begins with Hannah talking to this guy on the phone and telling him that she refuses to pay. She also adds that she is somewhere, where he will never find her. All of a sudden there is knock at her door and she think it is room service. Instead it is a man sent by the person who is owed the money. Apparently, Hannah didn't realize she could be tracked by the GPS on her cell phone. The man grabs her and ties Hannah up. To shut her up, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. With Hannah struggling bound and gagged, the man calls his boss for instructions. He is told to make sure Hannah realizes what will happen if she does not pay the man. He doesn't want her harmed or in any way, "This Time" After all, how will he get his money if she disappears. So the man leaves her hogtied and gagged with her big tits out. The embarrassment of being found this way might be enough to get her to pay the money she owes.

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