GNDB0764B-Don't you dare let anyone see me dressed and tied up like this!

14:14 video

Amanda Foxx




He is house sitting while the owners are out of town. To keep him company for the weekend, his girlfriend’s step-daughter Amanda has come with him. But bringing Amanda along may have not been such a great idea. Because for some reason she is always getting into some kind of mischief. This time, she has been snooping in the lady of the house's wardrobe and has found some interesting things that she decides to try on. So, when she comes out dressed in a tight mini skirt with garters and stockings, the man is not very amused. He tells her that she cannot go around trying on other people's clothing on and demands that she back into the room and change back into her own clothes. But instead she looks around and finds some other interesting items. So, she brings out a bag containing rope and ball gags. When she figures out that the people who live here play some kind of kinky bondage games. This gets her very turned on and she begs her step-mother's boyfriend to tie her up. When he is reluctant, she starts to strip down until she is only wearing a bra, garters, panties, and nylons. She then starts to threaten to blackmail the man by telling him that she will tell her step-mother that he came on to her. This seems to work because soon the man has her tied up tight with the rope. Then when she tells him that she wants a gag stuffed in her mouth, he decides to ball gag her. Amanda is very turned on and even if the man is her step-mother's boyfriend, she still wants him to do naughty things to her. But then, he ties her in a stricter position, with another ball gag strapped in her mouth. He also pulls her big tit out of her bra and lays her face down on the floor. He connects the harness gag to the rope behind her back. This pulls her head back and makes it almost impossible to move. Then he shoots photos like this and tells her that if she says anything to anyone about this, he will post the photos for all her friends to see. Finally, to punish her, the man blond folds her and leaves to struggle bound and gagged for the rest of the night.

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