GNDB0766-He stuffed panties in my mouth and taped me up!

11:24 video

Juniper Berry 


I am going to start writing some of my scenarios in a point of view (POV) style. This will be one of those stories.

It had been weeks since I broke up with my boyfriend and moved into this apartment.  I was having a hard time resting at night because I was very horny and could not stop thinking about my lack of sex. So tonight I was in my pantyhose talking to a friend on my cell phone. I had taken something to help relax me and thank goodness it was starting to work. So, I ended my call so I could head off to bed. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind.  A hand covered my mouth so I could not scream. When I realized it was a man, he starting using tape to bind me up real tight. It was painful and I started to complain.  So he stuffed panties in my mouth and tape them in tight. Mmmph! was all I could say, as he taped my legs. Once he had me completely bound and gagged, he went off to steal what little I had. I started to worry the he would not be satisfied my tip money which was small because it was a slow night at the bar. OMG! I thought, what if he wants to fuck me! At first this frightened me. But then something stirred inside me. I don't know, but maybe the lack of sex and all the masturbating I have been recently doing gave me this urge. But I could start to feel my pussy waking up and making me think these naughty thoughts. I struggled around trying to get comfortable and stop thinking about sex.  But I couldn't help it, I started hoping this man would first take the tape off my mouth, let me spit out my panties and suck his cock. Then, after he would pull my pantyhose and panties down and fuck my brains out. Hell, he could even leave me taped up so I wont feel so guilty for being such a slut. Then the man returned and yes, he was disappointed with few dollars he found. But, he told me he was going to leave me  bound and gagged with the door open so anyone walking by could hear my cries for help. I shook my head No!. You have to stay. He looked at me with confusion as he tried to figure out what I was saying. "I'll suck your dick!" I told him and he still looked confused.  Then I looked at his crotch area as I said again, "I'll suck your dick!" Finally he figured it out and decided to accept my offer. He quickly unwound the tape and let me spit out the wad of panties. I opened my mouth and eagerly let him shove it in. I sucked him like there was no tomorrow. Not too hard because, I didn't want him end so soon.  I wanted him to finish me off by putting it in my pussy.

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