GNDB0767-That Mmmphing sound you hear on your phone is me gagging her!

16:15 video

Pepper Sterling

Pepper's boyfriend owes this guy a lot of money and he refuses to pay it back.  Today he has her at his place and will not let her leave until the boyfriend pays up.  The man has Pepper call the boyfriend to plead with him to pay the money.  As she is talking to him, the man grabs Pepper and starts to tie her up while he is still talking.  She tells her boyfriend what is going on.  Then suddenly, the boyfriend can no longer understand what Pepper is saying.  This is because the man has stuffed and taped a gag in her mouth.  The man takes the phone and tells the boyfriend all the naughty things that are going to happen to Pepper if he doesn't pay up. He even lets him know that he will call him up to let him listen in. To stress things, he pulls Pepper's pants down and also her big tits out of her bra. He sends photos of her like this so the boyfriend will know he is not playing games.  He then leaves Pepper struggling bound and gagged on the floor while the boyfriend does what he has to do to make sure nothing bad happens to his girlfriend.

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