GNDB0771-Getting her way-Even if it means she has to let him tie her up

14:23 video

Janelyn Doe 


JaneLyn is going through a bitter divorce battle. Partly because she is playing around with her next door neighbor. Today she goes next door and asks the man if he will go with her to get her things from her estranged husband. The man tells her he will not go because of the problems that could occur. Knowing how to persuade him, JaneLyn starts to undress. But the man stops her and tells her that it will take more than her letting him fuck her to get him to do this for her. JaneLyn is going to get her way,no matter what she has to do. So when he tells her that he wants to tie her up, she offers her hands and says "Tie me up!" A short time later, JaneLyn finds herself tied up on a chair. The rope is tied very tight and she knows that there is no ways she will be getting loose. She realizes that maybe this might be a little more than can deal with. But before she can start to complain, the man shoves a big red ball in her mouth to gag her and then leaves her to struggle bound and gagged. JaneLyn is very embarrassed and hopes no one will ever see her this way. But then she starts to imagine how this is going to look when he finally has her bent over with her panties down and him having his way with her. She starts to realize that she is getting the better end of this deal. This is until he comes back in and removes the gag. He replaces it by stuffing her mouth with a pair of her dirty panties and then tapes her up to gag her again. He then removes her skirt and leaves then leaves to struggle again, bound, gagged and very horny. This time he tells her that it might be a good amount of time before he comes back to give her what she really wants. This leaves JaneLyn a little frustrated.

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