GNDB0772-You'll be tied up and gagged until your boyfriend gets here!

14:25 video

Chrissy Marie 


Chrissy's boyfriend owes this guy money.  Today he has come to collect.  But when Chrissy tells him that her boyfriend will not be home until later, the man says that he will stay and wait. Knowing Chrissy will alert her boyfriend and cause him to stay away, the man ties Chrissy up, gags her and stashes her in the garage. When left alone, Chrissy struggles to her feet and hops over to her cell phone.  She calls her boyfriend, but since she is gagged, he cannot understand her.  It takes Chrissy a lot of effort, but she manages to get the stuffing out of her mouth.  Now, even though she is still cleave gagged, she is able to tell her boyfriend what is going on.  But instead of coming to her rescue, Chrissy finds out her boyfriend isn't very brave and does not want to come home to face the man.  Then, the man returns and takes Chrissy away from her phone.  He ties her down to the stool he had her seated on before.  Except, this time, he ties her down to the stool. So, she cannot hop away again.  He also gags her better by stuffing and taping panties in her mouth. Later, Chrissy finds herself tied standing now.  Her arms are pulled up and tied to a hook on the wall. There is a piece of rope tied up between her legs.  She is now topless.  So now, as she struggles, her boobs bounce around.

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