GNDB0773-I didn't get all dressed up, just to spend the day tied up and gagged!

15:24 video

Rachel Adams 


I was getting ready to go out to a dinner party.  I was all dressed up, even wearing a pair of expensive pantyhose, when the door bell rang. It was a man who claimed to be from the Gas Company. He told me that he needed to come in to investigate the source of a natural gas leak in the area. But that was all just a ruse to get inside. Because before I knew it, he had me tied up and gagged on my kitchen floor. He called someone on his cell phone and started talking about watching the house across the street from me.  He seemed to be some kind of spy or maybe even part of some crime ring. When he hung up, he brought out more rope and tied me tighter and more secure. He then took off the gag . But before I could say much, he stuffed my mouth and wrapped tape tightly around my face. He surely intended to keep me very quiet and that was exactly what he accomplished. Because, I could hardly make a sound. He then left me as he went up into my loft. Apparently to spy on the house across the street. I figured this was my chance to try to get away. Slowly, I managed to sit up and inch my way to the from door. But no sooner than I made it half way, the man came downstairs and caught me.  He dragged me back into the kitchen. Very roughly, mind you. He then put me on a chair and tied me down. During my futile attempt for freedom, my skirt had risen up. Now this guy had a clear view of my panties under my shiny pantyhose. Once he had me tightly tied down, he punished me by opening my blouse and pulling down my bra. I struggled hard to get loose.  But all I managed to do was tip the chair over. In the end, the man left me to be found later, still bound and gagged with my nipples poking out over the top of my bra.

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