GNDB0774-Stuff my mouth and wrap it tight! Don't want my parents to hear!

14:15 video

Natalie Charms 


I was sitting in my room after dinner one night when there was a knock at my door. At first I thought it was one of my parents.  But when I opened the door a man grabbed me, covered my mouth with his hand and dragged me back into the room.  When he took his hand off, I didn't scream.  This is because I knew the man.  I met him through the internet and he became my bondage play partner. But knowing my parents were home, I panicked. "What are you doing here. My parents are home!" I told him.  But when he offered to leave, I had to tell him No way! Being grabbed that way had me way too turned on to let this opportunity get away. I got up and went to the door. I opened it and yelled out to my parents that I was staying in my room for the night and was going to be busy. This wasn't unusual since I was in college and often stayed in to work on school projects.  I added a little phrase that I always enjoyed using at time like this. Asked them to please not bother because, "I am going to be tied up all night!" Which was mostly the truth. The truth was, I was going to be tied up, gagged and getting fucked well into the early morning hours. Sure enough, a short time later, he had me tied up tight. Then he stuffed a pair of my panties in my mouth and my face and mouth tight with tape. You wouldn't believe how turned on I was. "Hurry up and get my panties down, I wanted to tell him." But I knew he liked to watch me struggle and work myself up. He said the more I struggled the harder I fucked.  After a while, he slowly started stripping me down.  Then as I struggled and moaned through the gag, I leaned forward and reached down to pull my thong panties aside.  Soon I was on my knees fucking like a little bunny rabbit in heat. It is good thing I was gagged.

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