GNDB0778-Busty blond tied up with her husband resting in the next room

14:15 video

Amanda Kent

Amanda has met a man in the hotel bar and has invited him over while her husband is resting in the next room. Having given her husband something to make sure he rests until morning, Amanda is excited and ready for anything. So, when the man starts to tie her up, she thinks they are going to play some really kinky naughty game. But when the man ties her legs together, Amanda starts to wonder how he plans to get her panties down. Then when the man leaves her and returns with a pair of her panties, things start to really get really strange. Before she can say much more, the man stuffs the panties in her mouth and then tapes her up until Amanda is tightly mouth packed and gagged. At first, she starts to panic, but after a short while, the feeling of being so helpless starts to turn her on. But the fun is about to end when Amanda finds out the real reason the man has her tied up and gagged. He has no plans to play with her. He only used her to get his way into her rich husband’s hotel room so he can rob him. Amanda tries to protest and alert her husband. But she is well gagged and there is no way anyone will hear her. Just before the man is ready to make his getaway, he returns to Amanda and hogties her. As an added humiliation, he also crotch ropes her. Finally, just before he leaves, he pulls her bra down too. Amanda is then left to struggle bound and gagged. She will stay like for hours until her husband wakes up to find her. It is going to be very embarrassing when she has to explain how she got her trussed up like this and then left with her big boobs out.

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